Aircraft Acquisition & Sales

Interim Management, Redelivery and Remarketing

Our experienced and certified engineers and technicians guarantee to Customer high quality standards for their assets and enduring value over the time. Our services are specifically dedicated to Lessors, banks or private individuals.

Pre-buy inspections carried out by aviation experts, including both records review and physical examination of the aircraft, with detailed report on the outcome including technical, administrative and financial advice.
Follow-up with preparation of maintenance work packages to satisfy the Aviation Authority requirements and the Customer needs.

Aircraft Assessment including technical configuration, maintenance and modification status, incorporation of airworthiness directives and service bulletins.

Aircraft Registration/Deregistration. Which Country do best suit your specific operational and financial needs? How do manage the transfer of the aircraft from one registration to another? How to apply? How long does it take? . We offer full support on handling all the issue with the Civil Aviation Authority chosen for the aircraft registration. Our administrative and technical staff have an extensive experience with a large number of Civil Aviation Authority all over the world providing the best assistance you need for your transaction .

Aircraft Redelivery and Interim management

According to leasing agreement terms and conditions, we can offer technical support services within aircraft delivery or redelivery processes upon leasing expiry. Our service includes physical and technical documentation inspection in order to confirm that all the redelivery clauses have been correctly fulfilled. Furthermore, we manage the coordination of aircraft storage, maintenance or return to service, including Interim operator and CAMO Management with the responsibility for the condition of the aircraft.